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  • Club competitions are open to all paid up members of Lymington Camera Club.

  • The Print and PDI classes are sub-divided between Intermediate (including newcomers) and Advanced. Members are placed in the class appropriate to their level of attainment.

  • There will be a maximum of 3 entries per member per competition, unless stated otherwise in the programme.

  • All Prints and PDI’s must be titled and numbered (1, 2 or 3). All Print Competition entries must be accompanied by a completed entry slip.

  • The Competition Secretary reserves the right to adjust the number of entries, as appropriate, if it is found there are too many entries to be judged in an evening. This will be done by removing some or all of the entries numbered ‘3’ and communicating this to the members present before commencement of the competition.

  • Unless a set subject has been specified in the program, club competitions are for images of any subject

  • Prints or Projected Digital Images (PDI) can be either Colour or Monochrome except where the competition subject specifies otherwise

  • An image is considered to be Monochrome if it (in addition to a straight black and white image) is toned entirely in one colour. Therefore, a black and white image modified by partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a Colour Work

  • Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer and must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity). Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement and do not infringe copyright. Inclusion of clip-art, elements taken from stock photographs or originated by or is the copyright of other photographers, are not permitted.

  • Entries for Print competitions may have been processed by entrants themselves or otherwise (e.g. printed commercially)

  • Prints including mounts MUST NOT EXCEED 40cm x 50cm

  • Prints or PDIs entered in a Club Competition during one Club year may not be entered in any Club Competition in the same or any subsequent year except where the previous mark awarded was 7.5 out of ten or less. Trying to improve an image entered a second time by altering it in some way or by changing the medium (for example, print to PDI), is permitted.

  • When set subjects are specified, Prints or PDIs which do not apply with the subject will be disqualified. This decision is the responsibility of the Competition Secretary (or their designated deputy)

  • Marks are given up to 10 for each entry at the sole discretion of the Judge. Half point scores are allowed. Judges may in addition award a Seal of Merit to any entry which they consider worth it. A record of points awarded shall be maintained by the Competition Secretary

  • Any member of the Intermediate class achieving 80 points or more in one season with their best 9 images (Prints and/or PDIs) will automatically be transferred to the Advanced class from the start of the following season. However, members scoring between 80 and 82 can choose to remain in their current class.

  • The Committee retains the right to invite members to compete in the Advanced Section if, in their opinion, the member’s work merits such advancement

  • Any ‘Advanced’ member who has an average score less than 8.5 for their best 9 images (or all images if less than 9 images entered during the current season), can choose to move down for the next season. An ‘Advanced’ member who has not entered any images for two or more consecutive seasons can also elect to compete in the lower class.

  • Trophies are awarded at the end of the season to members gaining the highest number of points in each of the classes. The winner must have submitted a minimum of 9 entries in the appropriate class and the points to be counted will be taken from the member’s best 9 entries

  • Images entered into the Print of the Year and PDI of The Year Competitions must have been shown previously in the current season or have represented the club in external competitions. Images entered in previous Print of the Year or PDI of the Year Competitions are not allowed.   It is permitted to try to improve a qualifying image by altering it in some way or by changing the medium, for example, print to PDI

  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure safe handling of all images submitted for competitions, Lymington Camera Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur. It is a condition of entering that members acknowledge that the value of their entry is no higher than the replacement cost of its materials.

Digital Competitions:

  • For all digital competitions, PDIs must be with the Designated Person the Sunday before the Competition Date unless notified otherwise in the programme or by the Competition Secretary.

  • Entries should be submitted via email to and include the member’s name and class (Intermediate or Advanced) and the competition date in the email for verification

  • Digital images must be JPEG format (8-bit) and no more than 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. Colour space must be sRGB.   (The dimensions for digital images are not reversible as they must be no larger than the proportion of the resolution of the projector we use which is in landscape format.   This limits the height of a portrait or square image to 1200 pixels)

  • To aid automated processing, image files must be named in EXACTLY the following format:

<Sequence no> <space> <Title>

E.g.            01 Over the Moon

  • One for the Road

The title displayed during the competition will be as you have named it on the file

  • Late emails, failure to use the correct formatting or incorrect file naming may lead to images not being entered in the competition.

Revised: September 2017

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