Glyn Dewis Talk 30 July 2020

We were very lucky to be able to host a video meeting with Glyn Dewis whose talk entitled 'Personal Projects' covered Glyn's widely-praised, project creating portraits of 1939-45 veterans. As well as telling the stories of many of the veterans he spoke about the special photographic challenges involved and ended the talk with some step-by-step instructions on achieving his unique look in Photoshop. 

He also shared some links that you may find interesting


1) Website / Blog:


2) 39-45 Portraits Project:


3) I have a FREE Creativity Pack download that includes a couple of PDF / eBooks, Look Up Table, Actions, Perfect Prints Guide available on my website at


4) Using, Saving and Creating Look Up Tables video:


5) Timeless Tutorial: 


6) There are some recent Live Streams and other tutorials I've done on YouTube that have a number of techniques covered:


7) The Background I use is the X-Drop made by Westcott and the material is called the 'Vintage Grey Canvas by Glyn Dewis' ... you can see this on my Gear page here:


8) Veterans Fund Raising Campaign: