This page is the place to browse through some interesting articles, ebooks and links to videos that members have come across. Feel free to send any links to the Google Group and I’ll add them to the site.

Judges Scoring

A piece from the SCPF head judge on how marks are allocated


Maria’s instructions for applying textures to images


The following are some ebooks from a well known landscape and HDR photographer Trey Radcliff. I won them for the Club in a competition so you’re free to download and read them but please don’t share them outside of the club

10 essential Photoshop skills

10 Principals of beautiful photography

Composing the photo

Introduction to HDR

The beauty of ambiguity

Wildlife Photography

You can get Louis Rumis’ excellent guide to photographing wildlife here 


A guide to Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

Copyright Online

This rather comprehensive document from HMG may be of interest