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International Garden Photographer of the Year continues to be one of the world's most respected photography competitions and exhibitions, particularly within the genres of the garden, plant, flower, and botanical photography.

It is run in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London. The main exhibition is usually held annually at Kew, with a rolling programme of touring exhibitions in the UK and all over the world.

There are regular main competition categories each year including favourites such as; ‘The Beauty of Plants’, ‘Beautiful Gardens’ and ‘Abstract Views’ plus there are 4 photo projects and numerous seasonal special awards - for example - ‘Captured at Kew’.

Jackie did very well this year achieving Commended, Highly Commended and Finalist awards in this year's competition. Huge congratulations to her. I have added some commentary from her to the images.

Anemone image - Highly commended in 'Beauty of plants', this was simply a shop brought flower placed in front of a white

wall of my house using a Nikon D850 and Nikkor 105 f/2.8. I shot manually at f/8 1/25 sec ISO 200.

Coneflowers image - Finalist in 'Beauty of plants' these coneflowers were taken at RHS Wisley behind the glasshouse in their South African meadow. it was shot at 1/1250 F2.8 ISO200, always difficult to think outside the box with flowers so I added

a couple of textures to give it a more dreamlike effect.

Seaweed - Commended in 'Abstract views' first time entering this category, seaweed shot on the rocks in Cornwall shot at f/8.0 ISO320 1/250 in post-processing I inverted the colour, then adjusted the Hue and sat in PS.

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