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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

On 10 September 2020, about 25 members met at the Club's usual venue, MacDonald Elmers Court for our Welcome night. They were joined by an equal number via Zoom. The evening presented a number of technical challenges in trying to allow both groups to see and hear the various presentations but we got there in the end. We named the too groups the Zoomies (coming via Zoom) and the Zoros (because Zoro always wears a mask).

We had our coffee break on the hotel's terrace which allowed us to take our masks off for a few minutes of precious fresh air. As of today, we can only meet in groups of six so we won't be back at the hotel until this is lifted.

Well done to all the Zoros who masked up for the evening and to the Zoomies who had the worst audio experience since Apollo 11.

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1 Comment

I found my first meeting as a member ticked all my boxes, and it was good to meet some old friends. I look forward to enjoying many opportunities to learn how to improve techniques.

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