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Meetings 2022-23

Meetings start at 7.30pm on first floor at Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Rd, Brockenhurst SO42 7RY

Set Subjects for 2022-23

PDI:  ‘Edible or Potable’, date 13 April 2023


So, we are looking for things that are suitable and safe for humans to eat or drink.   Every day we are surrounded by food and drink photography, good and bad, thanks to advertising, bloggers and influencers.   Debate around global warming has made us more conscious of how our food and drinks are produced.   This is your chance to create something a little different from the ‘this is my breakfast’ Facebook photo of the past!   Be as creative and innovative as you like.   If you are aiming for that perfect bacon & eggs with steaming coffee look (a.k.a. M&S), search for food styling tips & tricks – you’ll be amazed.


Print:  ‘Extremes of Motion - Long Exposure & Freezing Motion’, date 27 April 2023


This time, we’re looking for examples of two extremes of motion photography

•Long Exposure:  Also known as ‘Blur Motion’, the effect can be achieved by shooting with a long shutter speed while keeping the camera still. Popular subjects include seascapes, night skies and light trails

•Freezing Motion:  Using flash or a very fast shutter speeds, a moving subject can be rendered ‘frozen in time’, the latter used to depict that ‘decisive moment’

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