Meetings 2020-21

Meetings start at 7.30pm at Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel, South Baddesley Rd, Lymington SO41 5ZB. ZOOM talks will be shared with Beaulieu and H&I Clubs



10th September 2020 Welcome evening IN-PERSON AND ZOOM

16th September 2020 Talk Glyn Edmonds 'From analogue to Smartphone' ZOOM hosted by H&I

16th September 2020 "Night and Low Light Photography" by Tony Worobiec FRPS hosted by Beaulieu CG ZOOM

23rd September 2020 Mike Inkly Sports Shooting with Olympus and Sports shooting post-Covid ZOOM  hosted by H&I

24th September 2020 - Tony Nutley – “45 years in Films and Television pt. 2” ZOOM 

8th October 2020 1st PDI Competition : Judge – Anthony Oliver ZOOM

22nd October 2020 2nd PDI Competition : Judge – Rob de Ruiter ZOOM 

28th October 2020 David Boag Landscapes and Wildlife ZOOM hosted by H&I

4th November 2020 Terry Hewett - Working with RAW ZOOM hosted by H&I

11th November 2020 Saraya Cortaville - Childrens portraiture  ZOOM hosted by H&I

18th November 2020 Robert Harvey 'Winter Photography' ZOOM hosted by H&I

25th November 2020 David Gilliver - Photographing Little People and lightpainting ZOOM hosted by H&I

26th November 2020 3rd PDI Competition : Judge – Glyn Paton Set Subject 'Something you love' ZOOM 

3rd December 2020 Colleen Slater - Macro Photography ZOOM hosted by H&I

9th December 2020 Jane Goodall Family Portraiture (or landscape TBD) ZOOM hosted by H&I

10th December 2020 Christmas social – Members’ Evening  ZOOM TBD

16th December 2020 Peter Orr - Polar Photography ZOOM hosted by H&I

14th January 2021 4th PDI Competition : Judge – Pietro Rocchiccioli  ZOOM

20th January 2021 Talk Ken Scott "Walking the Coast of Britain" hosted by Beaulieu CG ZOOM

28th January 2021 Guest Speaker – Guy Edwardes – “Seeing the Light - 25 Years of Landscape and Nature Photography Techniques". ZOOM

3rd February 2021 James Burns - London from the rooftops hosted by H&I Zoom

10th February 2021 Mark O’Leary 'London 24 competition' hosted by H&I Zoom

11th February 2021 Boys vs Girls: The Rumble in the Darkroom : Judge TBC ZOOM

17th February 2021 Rene de Heer Diary of a Nature Photographer hosted by H&I Zoom

25th February 2021 2nd Print Competition Amanda Miller ZOOM

11th March 2021 League PDI Competition : Judge – Alison Cawley ZOOM

19th March 2021 Paul Hill 'From newspapers to art galleries' ZOOM

25th March 2021 – Tony Worobiec – “The Waters Edge” ZOOM

8th April 2021 3rd Print Competition Set Subject Black and White, Toning and Split Toning : Judge – Glyn Edmunds ZOOM

22nd April 2021 AGM ZOOM

13th May 2021 Best of Year Competition : Judge – John Tilsley ZOOM

27th May 2021 – Ollie Taylor  - Astro Photography ZOOM

Notes on Set Subjects

PDI - 26 November 2020, ‘Something you Love’


Hopefully an opportunity for some fun and enjoyment in these exceptional times.   You may be as creative and innovative as you like.   As this is such a broad subject we’re adding an additional twist just for this competition;  all images must have been taken since the start of lockdown, 23 March 2020.   So, no last minute search through your back catalogue!   


‘Only photograph what you love’, Tim Walker (surrealist Fashion photographer).   Do have a look at his images from the recent V&A exhibition ‘Wonderful Things’.   His work is not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely different.

PRINT - 8 April 2021, ‘Black and White, Toning and Split Toning’


For our technical challenge this season, we’re reviving this competition and expanding it to include black and white images with split toning applied to enhance mood or meaning.

Monochrome:   An image (in addition to a straight black and white image) toned entirely in one colour

Split Toning:   Adding specific colours to one or more tonal areas of a black and white image (highlights, mid-tones, shadows).

(Important Note:  although it is possible to split tone a coloured image, these are not eligible for this competition and will be disqualified)


There are a lot of articles and instructive videos online to help you develop your monochrome skills further than the ‘b/w convert’ button.   These include how to recognise a good monochrome composition and various post-processing techniques (for example, using zones).   Most cameras now have a black and white mode so you can preview the effect before taking the image.


Again, there’s lots about split toning online, the following links may be a starting point:  Julieanne Kost, Black and White Toning Lightroom Video (2015)