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Paul Raynor awarded LPRS

Club member Paul Raynor has achieved his LRPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. He achieved this in the extra difficult PDI category, so huge congratulations to him on his success. He shared some thoughts below.

"I previously submitted a panel last year, but at that time there were three images with which the assessors found 'fault'. One was an HDR image, which they considered had too high a level of colour noise. The other two images had what they considered to be 'processing artifacts', but in fact both these were features evident in the original RAW files (a cloud reflection in one and OOF gravel texture in the other).

In my latest submission, I replaced these three images, but comments were then raised on other images that previously they had considered quite acceptable! My two composite images both feature statues and the age-old comment that 'this is someone else's art' was repeated. Strangely no such comments were raised for any architectural submissions during the day, nor were there any concerns that flowers were just as nature had created ...!

Notwithstanding their concerns, their overall view of my panel was that they considered it to be well-structured and balanced, with a good demonstration of various camera skills.

This last point is vital to note for any potential L panel submissions, as the submission that followed mine had 10 superb images, but had no coherent panel structure; including random different formats throughout. For this reason alone they were very dismissive and rejected that submission outright."

So well done Paul, and if any club member wants to try for a distinction talk to Paul or a Committee Member.

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